Dating ad headline ideas

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To start the process, ask and answer the following questions: (Note: this ad received 73% more views and more than twice as many applies as competing ads simply titled Customer Service Representative.) Just as Saturn pioneered the no-haggle pricing that customers enjoy, they position this as a benefit to their salespeople.

Attractive logos, extensive benefits packages, flexible schedules: all these can be used to make an impact on job candidates and affect how many people read and reply to your postings.

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By using this or some of the other techniques pointed to above, you will increase your chances of attracting talent that otherwise might have overlooked your opportunity.

In addition to the key areas to build your title around, you will want to consider the tone of your headline as it relates to your image and/or culture. Another case of a play-on-words, which in this case, ties into a company symbol and shows a sense of humor that others in banking do not.

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