Dating a latin guy pick up dating

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Here are some observations, from this trip and beyond.

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Never having stepped foot in South America (yet – I’m saving myself), I have successfully outsourced the culture via a number of crazy Latino friends, as well as the other national treasure that this part of the world to offer – Latin men have led to some of the more exciting adventures of my young life.However, don’t give in easily, otherwise their enthusiasm will wean and they will abandon the mission. The fabulous thing is that Latin men expect their women to reciprocate these Grand Emotions, enabling you to let the freak flag blow in the wind as you beat him up with a dishrag and follow up with zealous make-out sessions. Latinos are warm people who will bring you into their home and introduce you to their families without making you feel like it’s a marriage proposal.The strategy that I found works best is the Kiss n’ Stop – you kiss them quickly to get their blood boiling and then bam – freeze tag – nothing! I attribute this to the telenovela culture, which teaches people from a young age that it’s perfectly fine to skip the ‘reasoning’ part of a conflict and throw a dish at your lover instead. In my brief time with Juan Pablo, I met his sister and he met my entire family at a wedding, which it would have taken a year to accomplish with a Frenchie or an American. This might be the downside of the whole tele-novella effect, but Latin men really do cheat on their women, which I have witnessed firsthand.And now, here’s a brief country-to-country guide, as relayed by my Latin girlfriends…Mexican – Most traditional and old-school of the bunch. Take their sweet time to woo you with love songs and romantic gestures.

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