Consolidating school districts pennsylvania

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Scranton ended up offering new legislation that "fixed" many of the flaws Republicans saw in the 1961 measure.

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By the time he hit fifth grade, the jointure that would become the Gov. By the time of the state-mandated mergers, the county was down to 19 districts.

Wesley Leckrone, associate professor of political science at Widener University and author of a 2015 policy brief on school consolidations in Pennsylvania.

Starting in the early 1900s, when Pennsylvania had 2,510 districts, the concept of consolidation began to take root.

Officials tried to help cushion that blow by doing things like adding "area" to a new district's name - a detail Hohl likes to often remind the Reading Eagle about, since the paper doesn't include the word "area" in naming districts.

In the end, the cost factor won out, Gilmartin said.

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