Christian dating in your 30s

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This can be comforting for many singles who fear that they can’t find a mate because of their flaws.

“He [God] can overrule our inadequacies,” Brian says.

“You don’t have to be perfect [to meet someone].” While it’s important to improve your emotional and spiritual health while you’re single, remember that everyone is a work in progress and that God ultimately controls every detail of your life.

It’s commonly thought that couples who marry later in life will automatically have a more difficult time uniting as a couple because each spouse is set in his or her own ways. “Kellie and I have found it very easy to blend,” Joel says.

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That’s when he felt he heard God speak to his heart.She and her husband still acted like newlyweds, and she affirmed that he was “worth the wait.” There are many different roads to marriage and many different types of marriage.Embracing the fact that mine might not be the “typical” story (marrying in my 20s, having children young, etc.) allowed me to be excited about what God did have in store for me. Suzanne Hadley Gosselin is a freelance writer and editor.Joel now jokes that not only did God “deliver” his wife just as He promised, He brought her right to his mailbox; a true mail-order bride.Brian and Cindy Elliott, like Joel and Kellie, also wondered if they would ever find “the one.” But unlike the Vaughans, they didn’t meet at a mailbox, but on a dance floor of the Queen Mary when they both attended a Christian Singles dinner dance. Joel, Kellie, Brian and Cindy are like an increasing number of singles who are marrying later in life.

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