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Lundquist often sees people who are unable to move on simply because they’re not willing to deal with the fact that the relationship is over.This can lead to an unhealthy pattern of breaking up and getting back together where nothing ever changes.“If you spend your time pining away, that’s not going to yield a lot of happiness,” Worthy says.

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“When you are ready, you’ll probably think of that person first.” Therapists can list many benefits of going on a break: It’s a chance to rediscover yourself, build appreciation for your significant other (the whole “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” thing), and ultimately strengthen your relationship. Chances are the boundaries of what you’re comfortable with will be different from your partner, so it’s important to hash these things out from the beginning, says Matt Lundquist, a clinical social worker in New York.

But that still doesn’t account for how difficult and messy breaks can be. “To leave those things up to chance, chances are it probably won’t work out,” he says.

If you’re thinking about pressing pause on your relationship, there are certain steps you should take to avoid all of the confusion (like the seven years of “Do they still like me? If you and your significant other are open to dating other people on your break, there are plenty of opportunities for jealousy to creep in.

“If that’s the case, you need to press the reset button long enough to do that.” The hard part is that “reset” takes a few weeks for some and a few years for others.

Of course we can never really know what might’ve happened had things played out differently.

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