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Or, it could be that you two are great together, and you've just hit a new level in your partnership — a level that involves less butterflies and more cozy love. There are a few simple signs that can help you distinguish whether it's boredom or comfort. It be that your partner isn't right for you and that you're just plain bored of a not-so-perfect relationship. Have you sat there smiling at a girlfriends’ bridal shower only to secretly be thinking, “Why isn’t that me?There are millions of females that feel just as you do, and are struggling just as you are. Recently I received an email through my website that summed up all the dating woes that women seem to be feeling these days. In the end, I may get a few dates, but they never amount to anything.

Guys who show interest, and express an eagerness to know you more seem boring to you because you know where they stand and there is no mystery, no thrill, and no excitement in that.

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I definitely think I have a problem with being bored too easily with guys.

Simply put, the love of the chase points more to how you feel about yourself, than about the guy.

For more advice on how to break this habit of constantly getting bored and chasing guys, be on the look out for my next book, The Curse : Why you can’t find or keep the love you want, coming out later this year!

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