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He said that 52 people sent him direct messages but that he’s “not actually trying to date, just doing it for fun.” Paula Hsu, a pastry chef in Taiwan, woke up on Thursday to find dozens of direct messages on Facebook and Instagram from suitors she’d never met.

Initially bewildered, she soon found out that her best friend, Christina Lo, had secretly created a post advertising her on SAD.

Hella recruited some friends and formed an unofficial offshoot called Subtle Asian Dating, or SAD, in November.

But then we also added our own modern spice to it,” says Jonny Kounnavong, a student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro who has a profile in the group.“It’s funny to laugh at how [things like banking and pre-med] are valued by society more so than by individuals, and to acknowledge the stereotypes without making them toxic.” Subtle Asian Dating largely does away with the subtlety that is at the core of Subtle Asian Traits.Users are fond of all caps and hyperbole, and posts brim with emoji.“I was actually a little bit pissed at her because some of the pictures she posted I wasn’t super keen on,” Hsu said.Yet, the post was fairly popular, and she received more than 80 DMs.

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