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I remember the scene and I remember the real Devoto playing a janitor in the move, but I didn't realize the guy making it with Wilson's wife was the actor playing Devoto.

That would explain the in-joke of the real Devoto's appearance in the film.

Certainly, their perspective has been welcome, especially after all the stupid macho posing of the '60s and '70s.

Of course, back in the '60s, no one dared come out.

The uniform tight haircuts and black Levis was fine, the uniform crap music was not.

Then Bowie (who was probably straight or bi at most) did it, which launched or at least legitimized glam.

Tom Robinson was the first openly (and honestly) gay musician that I can think of who achieved significant mainstream success.

Billy Mackenzie Morrissey I thought Kurt had covered the majority then this one time couple (?????? With a couple of shining exceptions I assumed that gay people listened to, and created, musical crap. She might be better now and I should probably check her out. Tom Robinson is an honorable example but other than his Sector 27 album his music just ain't very good. If you don't mind me asking, what do think of more confrontational (usually punk-oriented) gay artists like Le Tigre, Pansy Division, the Gossip, etc.? Rufus is moderated by the fact that in his era it's no longer such a big deal to be gay. I expect everybody to come to the defense of Morrissey and tell me what a tin ear I have.

I've never been moved by the unrelieved, almost parodic, bathos of Morrissey. Or the showbizzy glitz and gay minstrelsy of Elton John or Freddie Mercury. I tend to view Jagger, Bowie and Prince as folks who made a lot of money out of tweaking people's gender expectations but my cynical soul always assumed they are as straight as arrows in real life. Is their anger just another form of schtick, or does it ring true? I thought he was married, actually, but maybe I just imagined that. I think Townshend has described himself as bisexual, or at least has done a bit of experimentation.

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