Backdating scheme

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From April 2017 Central Government will be limiting dependant’s additions on new claims to other benefits, including HB and CTC, to a maximum of two.The same restrictions will apply to existing claims where there are already at least two dependant children and no further additions will be made for new children.We’ll tell you our decision within 21 days of receiving your claim.We’ll do this by: If we send you a new Council Tax bill, it'll show the reduction and any unpaid balance.Although the CTS scheme has worked as originally intended it is no longer in line with other national benefits including Housing Benefit (HB), Universal Credit (UC) and Child Tax Credits (CTC).A number of welfare reform changes have been implemented nationally since April 2013 and this trend is expected to continue.Many people in work miss out every year so don’t be one of them.

The changes are as follows: The family premium is part of how we assess the ‘needs’ of any applicant.

This will ensure that vulnerable customers will not be placed into hardship and arrears with a liability for Council Tax before CTS is claimed and credited to their account.

From April 2017 the Council amended its CTS scheme for those self-employed to align the calculation with UC and treat those trading for more than 12 months as receiving the minimum wage for the numbers of hours worked.

To ensure that the Council provides financial support as these young adults make the transition from care to independent living the Council will ensure that Care Leavers will receive full CTS to meet their Council Tax liability The Council’s CTS scheme does not have provision for backdating the start of a claim.

However the Council have decided that for those in receipt of Universal Credit the start date of the claim for UC shall also be the start date of the claim for CTS to ensure that both benefits are aligned.

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