Armenian culture dating

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Undoubtedly, the question of greeting and farewell traditions always interests tourists. At the first meeting with a new acquaintance Armenians always shake hands – this is the most common way to salute.

However, in case of real closeness and friendship, male friends kiss each other while greeting or leave-taking. It may seem very strange to foreigners, but kissing is a symbol of the friendship and long acquaintance for Armenians.

Almost all the tourists traveling around Armenia mention these remarkable features and for a long time keep in memory the warm communication with locals.

In general, in recent years the majority of cafes and restaurants tend to add to the bill 8-10% of the total cost of the order as a tip for the waiter.

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If anyone needs any help in the street or in public transport hardly any Armenian will remain indifferent.

Here you will often hear the word “merci”, which is borrowed from French and is often used instead of the long Armenian “shnorakalutsyun,” which also means “thank you.” And the endearment word “jan” is out of the question, you will hear it all the time!

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