Are mr boston and punkin dating

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At a pre-elimination cocktail party, things heat up as the men drink too much, fight and even bribe others to win over New York.Meanwhile, Sister Patterson has decided that she knows the one guy who will never measure up.The sleep-deprived few head into the days challenge a complete mess, but will the prank-ees have the last laugh at the end of the day?Wanting a man who can help build her financial empire, NY asks the boys to create a marketing plan to build her brand name.The result is an angry house waiting for the back-stabber on his return.The following day, during a fashion photo shoot, someone gets down on his knees to impress New York, and shows her much more than his heart! Season 2, Episode 6 TV-14 CC SD New York has barely wiped the morning out of her eyes when a fight breaks out between two of her boys.Will he be one of the three to be eliminated, or will he squirm his way out of the mouth of danger?

Before the night is over, bad words, heated threats and gross injustices are exchanged.Although NY can be a tolerant person, violence is non-negotiable and she is faced with the tough decision to let a guy go.Eager to see how the other boys deal with aggression, NY brings them to a Muy Thai gym where she tests their ability to take a good old-fashioned beating, with a new-fashioned twist.Some ideas are legitimate and professional and some are off the charts.Later, one of the guys from the winning team steals a private date with New York away from his teammate.

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