Aquarius man dating a leo woman

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At a party or a social event, the Aquarius man will have to settle happily with the remnants of awe and attention that the Leo woman gets.Whether this becomes a bone of contention for the couple or if the Aquarius man takes it in his stride, only time will tell.Share your result with your friends and family on Facebook, Whats App, Twitter etc.Count on the Aquarius man to be very sociable and outgoing.

He's Uranian (ruler), a spontaneous guy with erratic moods.It's easy to see this going south since Aqua man lives to dart hither and yon and demands freedom in a relationship.The Cancer woman should know that Aquarian men are so private that she may have surprises sometime--about other women he's seeing!He will love his independence and freedom but will be willing to compromise on it if it brings happiness to his woman.This relationship can blossom very easily and readily into a gorgeous flower but do the wrong things at the wrong time and the couple can face the wrath of the bee-sting as well.

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