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When Zolciak asked them how Cohen would dress if he were to role play during sex, he said that he would wear a cop costume.However, Cooper guessed that he would dress up like Snoopy.I refuse to believe an A-List actor is bold enough to kiss a lover in public, and trust that no one would be bold enough to snap him. Back in '08 Daniel Craig punched a camera guy who was hiding in a barrel at St Barth's.In 2010, these alleged stories would be far more convincing with some photographic evidence. Apparently the guy had been following him and his gf and Daniel Craig had told him to go away. " and threatened to throw away his camera if he keep film. It was a blind item in combination with the vanity fair pics that lead to some speculation, r50. daniel craig james bond movies listjames bond with daniel craig. Meredith collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads. Then it just happened, happily, at a more mature moment,” she said.

andy cohen daniel craig dating-35

andy cohen daniel craig dating-35

A random picture of Daniel Craig would be useless unless the photos somehow showed evidence of where he was. But my sister-in-law works for the Broccolis (Bond flick producers; cubby's dead, daughter runs it now; she works in admin prodcuing, so doesn't go on-set) and has been to a few dinners with Craig and his girlfriend/finace, whatever.

And as for the affection between the two men, someone would have to chase them around the bar, with their IPhone out, to catch them at the perfect moment. She's got nearly impeccable gaydar, has confirmed other gay closet cases before they came out, and loves to dish.

If this did happen, I wouldn't expect there to be a photo.[quote]I can't believe Daniel Craig would be in any way attracted to Anderson Cooper.

And I can't believe, even if he is really gay, that he would put on PDAs with other guys for the entire world to see, particularly with the super-macho, hetero guy image he must portray both onscreen and off. Oh another thing, Andy Cohen is mention on here vacationing with Daniel Craig, who is Andy Cohen's boy friend is?

You'd think just the risk of losing his gig as James Bond would be a deterrent to any desire he might have to be open with his sexuality, which is why I find these stories of him making out in public with other guys somewhat hard to swallow (no pun intended).

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