American born confused desi dating

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Highly educated and mostly professional, calling them the “poor and huddled masses” that was the Statue of Liberty ideal, would be a stretch.Their children - the next gen – are now spreading their wings.Today, most of them would wince at the old ABCD (American Born Confused Desi) stereotype.Nowadays, the word “confident” gets substituted for “confused” and more power to them for that.He wrote “Here's the first look of ABCD - American Born Confused Desi. #ABCDtelugu” Within hours of the release, the ABCD started trending on social media.Following that Allu Sirish dropped the motion poster.

Allu Sirish plays an NRI, who comes to India from the US, and the first look also says so.

The vast process of assimilation into American life is happening with them.

The accents are perfectly American, as would be natural in children born and raised there.

An array of unwritten rules governs that interaction.

The powerful assimilative forces of the melting pot have worked their way through.

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