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We need to think about the relationship between before we can draw any specific conclusions about lying online.In an earlier post, I reviewed much of the research on online deception, highlighting two important factors: The communication venue and the topics people lie about. Content Header .feed_item_answer_user .anon_user.logged_out . New research on deception online is leading to some headlines with claims such as “The internet is a web of lies.” But in order to evaluate these statements, we can’t just look at this study in isolation.We are also less likely to lie on social media, perhaps because the information we post on these sites is available to a wide range of people, many of whom we interact with on a regular basis — which makes it difficult to be particularly dishonest without being caught in an embarrassing lie.

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So when it comes to online dating, and especially the sexual communication websites, for many participants, these reports are of how they they might behave in a situation that they have never actually experienced.On the 5-point rating scale, the average rating for honesty frequency was between 3.12 (for sexual websites) and 4.02 (for social media).This pattern makes sense, given what we know about each of these online venues as a social milieu.They also evaluated how often they thought were honest on each type of website, using the same rating scale.The results showed that people are the most honest on social media, followed by dating sites, anonymous chat rooms, and then sexual websites.

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