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They're not quite human beings, but close enough to make one feel uncomfortable.

It's like watching the apes at the zoo pick their asses.

MUIR, FORMERLY COLEBY-HUSK (NEE MEDE-BENTALL) 21430. There is no need for a search engine to promote hate of any kind, In this era of religiously (Islamic) induced hate whcih is threatening the peace and stability of the entire world there is no need to promote their current agenda of anti-Semitism, The first website I find when I type in "jew" is an anti-semitic website? It is totally unacceptable and, undoubtedly, they found a way aroound your criteria.Fix the problem now so that I can continue using Google.This is a disgrace, as a Christian I am shocked and heartssick that you would allow this.You people obviously haven't heard of a little thing called the hollocaust!!

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