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See [ALF in Malta was founded in 1983; Mann, Keith.

70-74.] In June 1974, two Band of Mercy activists set fire to boats licensed by the Home Office to take part in the annual seal cull off the Norfolk coast, which Molland writes was the last time the cull took place.Between June and August 1974, it launched eight raids against animal-testing laboratories, and others against chicken breeders and gun shops, either damaging buildings or vehicles.Its first act of "animal liberation" took place during the same period, when activists removed half a dozen guinea pigs from a guinea pig farm in Then as now, the use of arson caused a split within the fledgling animal liberation movement.And I think for 5 lives, 10 lives, 15 human lives, we could save a million, 2 million, 10 million non-human animals."] Animal Liberation Press Office, undated, retrieved January 17, 2008.] The nature of the ALF as a leaderless resistance means there is no way to gauge how much support Vlasak's position has with activists. The ] .] It operates as an independent organization funded by public donations, although a High Court judge in England ruled in 2006 that it was "not a neutral reporting exercise or even simply a vehicle for apologists for the ALF, but a vital part of the ALF's strategy."] , "Ananova", originally in "The Guardian", October 13, 2006, retrieved March 13, 2008.] There are three publications associated with the ALF. An ALF activist involved in an arson attack on the told "No Compromise" in 1996: " [I] t is much the same thing as the abolitionists who fought against slavery going in and burning down the quarters or tearing down the auction block ... "A Personal Overview of Direct Action" in Best and Nocella (eds.). When Mike Huskisson removed three beagles from a tobacco study at s of the animal welfare world." [Webb, Robin.An anonymous volunteer interviewed in 2005 for ": " [H] e doesn't operate with our endorsement or our support or our appreciation, the support of the ALF. "Arkangel" is a British-based bi-annual magazine founded by Ronnie Lee and sold internationally. 24-26.] Although the ALF rejects physical violence, many activists deny that attacks on property count as violent action, comparing the destruction of animal laboratories and other facilities to resistance fighters blowing up Bernstein, Mark. Sometimes when you just take animals and do nothing else, perhaps that is not as strong a message."Mc Clain, Carla. "Animal Liberation — By 'Whatever Means Necessary'," in Best and Nocella.

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