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The time you’ll need to start a campaign on Plug Rush will be halved, just by being prepared.The process is super easy and fast due to our great interface and our average approval time being under an hour!As for the offers that we’ve used, we opted to use individual site offers for multiple GEOs.Dating Factory has been (and still is) one of the giants in the industry for decades, they provide an excellent whitelabel solution for multiple GEOs and niches.In some cases, having a prelander to an offer improves conversion rates. ” instead of the usual “Click here” Your picture should be clear and catchy. Also mind the positioning of the picture in regards to the text.

It could be a free signup or a CC submit for your customers. Misconception #2 is that good offers are hard to find due to a lot of resellers. But from our decades of experience, having a middle man as a reliable partner is a good thing.

Dating is the only vertical that will never go away. There are quite a few misconceptions when it comes to promoting dating offers.

The reason: people constantly change their status all over the globe and seek new adventures. First thing’s first - know your product, know your niche.

Offers coming from the owner of the dating sites work better than the ones resold to an affiliate network. We have some great recommendations on how to start running, monetizing and become profitable with your dating offers on Plug Rush. We're a traffic network and not an affiliate marketer.

We recommend: Profit Social, Masters In Cash, i Monetize It For whitelabels we recommend: Masters In Cash & Dating Factory From many programs, we’ve chosen these to show you how a journey starts and where it ends. The crucial part here is to have a plan: Do you want to go with CPA offers? Our main goal with media buying is to test out different features that we have, our internal anti fraud system, publishers traffic quality, etc.

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