Accelerated opengl mode and updating the video card drivers

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Update Intel Graphics Drivers Automatically update AMD Graphics Drivers Automatically update NVIDIA Graphics Drivers After you have updated your GPU Driver from the manufacturer’s website, make sure you set your discrete adapter to run Luminar 2018 by default.

However you can substitute the standard Open GL interface with an advanced software rasterizer implementation: The Mesa project provides a version of their software rasterizer that provides even modern core profile Open GL.

To view graphics adapter test results: Card If you suspect video problems are causing performance or display issues in the software, decrease hardware acceleration.

This is one way of determining if the problem is with your graphics adapter or video driver.

If the problem still occurs, the graphics processor is not the cause.

If you are receiving the “Open GL 3.3 and later is required for this application to run” error message when launching Luminar 2018 1.2.0, please make sure your machine meets the minimum requirements listed here.

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