A dating service has as clients 6 recently divorced couples

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“There’s a misconception that it’s men who want more sex, but desire tends to be split between males and females.

That’s normal.” Philadelphia MFT therapists are trained to address discrepancies in sexual drives because all four counselors are trained sex therapists.

“We’re all pretty young, so we cater to people in the millennial age group — 20s and 30s,” Danielle said. “The ones who like me are the ones who like to move quickly.

“I have long-term clients that I’ll see only every six months. We don’t want anybody to be in therapy forever,” Danielle said.

“He is a yoga teacher, so he brings an element of patience as well, but he’s also no-nonsense,” Danielle said. “Her therapy style is like talking to your best friend.

Like you’re sitting around, drinking wine, and she’s telling you, nicely, have you considered this? Philadelphia MFT specializes in helping solve problems that couples often face.

“I have one client who had a hard time getting things done,” Danielle said. Brilliant girl, but she never got to the point where she was productive. That felt like a huge success.” Behavior modification strategies and an outsider’s perspective helped her modify her behavior.

And Philadelphia MFT is focused on helping all of its clients achieve harmonious outcomes.

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