18 yr old dating

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That’s right, he’s trying to pay someone an absurd amount of money to have her totally normal, gorgeous, daughter, marry a man. Though there was a lot of media hounding them in the beginning, it all just seems relatively pointless now, when you consider that this love match actually worked out, and the two never split, and it wasn’t some disturbing fetishized episode of purely physical attraction. Obviously many (probably most) people are outright disgusted by this, but not everyone.

There was no coercion and they both love each other, so in the end perhaps it was just an unusual case, but probably nothing like what the papers were saying. While some accept this only with trepidation, the support that their fans give them may indicate that times are simply changing.

Making the news rounds recently was a million reward to whomever marries one stubborn Honk Kong man’s daughter.

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This age difference is definitely not common in Canadian culture, though it’s not as strange in Eastern cultures.

Regardless, there are a lot of emotions reported from the public.

I do admit, the pictures above were the first two I had seen of them, and my first reaction to the one on the left was “well…

“I’m counting down each one.” And I’m sure she appreciates that, having probably just learnt subtraction herself.

Some are not even sure that this story is real, saying that it’s probably a publicity stunt.

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